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Super Mario Chucks Come to the States, Pre-Orders For Limited Time

by Adriana Lee | June 28, 2011June 28, 2011 6:01 am PST

Sure, you say you’re a hardcore geek or a gamer, but howzabout putting your money where your mouth is?

A special series of Converse Chucks designed for Super Mario Brother’s 25th anniversary grabbed a ton of attention when designs started popping up earlier in Japan. And now, the first two styles are being sold here in the States on pre-order from JBox.

But be warned: At $130, these aren’t for the budget-conscious.

[Scroll down for more pics of this shoe, or click here to see all four styles.]

Up close, these will level you up in the eyes of anyone who knows what “leveling up” means, while from far away, non gamers will still think these are kickin’ kicks.

Want ’em? Need ’em? Have to have ’em? Then hit up JBox here to pre-order the black ones. (White version also available at this link here.) And hurry — I hear word that pre-orders may be ending this week, so if you’re snagging a pair, do it soon.

[via FashionablyGeek, So Geek Chic, source JBox]


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