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Vizio Tablet Hitting Stores In July, We Go Hands-on Today

by Emily Price | June 22, 2011June 22, 2011 1:30 pm PST

Vizio announced the Vizio Tablet at CES in January, and now it looks like the company is ready to release the device to the masses. The 8-inch tablet is expected to hit store shelves next month, and will be priced at a reasonable $349, putting it within the reach of many would-be tablet owners.

Vizio had the tablet on hand at CE Week 2011 in NYC this week, and I had the opportunity to hang out with it for a bit. The show floor model was running Gingerbread; however, the company plans to eventually get the tablet running Honeycomb.

Overall, I was actually pretty impressed with the way the tablet felt on the hardware side of things. At $349 it would be easy to end up with something that felt cheap, and Vizio Tablet felt like it could successfully make it through most of what I could possibly throw at it. The tablet also has a rubber back, which I actually thought was a case of some sort at first grab. My guess is over time it would behave similar to having case, and would definitely make it easier to hold on to/prevent slips and falls.

The tablet has a 1024 x 768 resolution screen, 3 speakers, and an IR controller on the top that will eventually let you control your Vizio television. The company hasn’t released any actual poundage for the tablet, but if I had to judge by holding it (and what the Vizio rep beside me said) I would say it’s around a pound and a half.

While the rep I talked to said “July,” Vizio still hasn’t announced an official release date for the tablet. What do you think? Are any of you waiting to pick up a Vizio Tablet?

Emily Price

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