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Amazon Tablets May Launch by Aug. or Sept.

From the department of “No Big Surprise” comes the latest rumor about the Amazon Tablets.  While it hasn’t even be confirmed yet that the two tablets – codenamed Hollywood and Coyote – exist, that hasn’t stopped numerous rumors about them from popping up on a fairly regular basis.  It also doesn’t hurt that Amazon has yet to come out and say they don’t exist, they just remain completely silent on the matter.

The latest rumor comes from DigiTimes. which has a pretty good track record when it comes to figuring out what electronics companies are up to in the Chinese factories.  According to their unnamed source, Hollywood and Coyote are headed for an Aug. or Sept. release window to get them out into the market prior to the all important winter holidays shopping season.  According to the report the processors are coming from Texas Instruments, Taiwan-based Wintek will supply the touch panels, ILI Technology will supply the LCD driver ICs and Quanta Computer will be responsible for assembling the tablets.  Currently it is projected that Amazon’s monthly shipments will be in the neighborhood of  700 to 800,000 units.

Considering the track record of this publication with sussing out this sort of information, this is looking more and more likely to be a reality.  Add in the recent rumors that this will become a platform for Amazon’s streaming video service, and is sure to have a connection to their music locker, it almost becomes a bigger question of why they wouldn’t want to do this.  Amazon has been quietly putting a lot of pieces in place already, and it could easily all culminate in a release of the tablets.  And while the world is currently awash in iPad-killer wannabes, Amazon has one thing those others don’t have: A recognizable brand name that people are very loyal to.

All of this still remains very much in the realm of rumors, but don’t act too surprised when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds an event somewhere to take the wraps off of these devices this fall.

What do you think?  Any interest in a tablet from Amazon?

[via DigiTimes]

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