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iPhone 4S/5 Rumor: “Radical” New Design On The Way

When the iPhone 3GS came out, the new model was the spitting image of the old iPhone 3G, a fact that gave critics fodder for chewing out the handset. The legacy of this decision still carries on today, as people predict or wonder if Apple‘s next smartphone will be an incremental change from the iPhone 4.

Well, wonder no more, says BoyGenius Report. One of its “reliable” sources alleges that the next iPhone is not only coming soon, but will be very physically different from the current form factor we know so well.

Apparently the handset will feature a “radical new case design,” though unfortunately, there are no details as to what that could be. Whatever it is, the tipster believes we’ll get to see it for ourselves at a press event in early to mid August, which would make way for a launch later that month.

This claim flies in the face of other reports that the new iPhone will look the same as the old one, and that it will be unveiled in September or October at Apple’s annual music event/iPod-launch extravaganza. Moreover, the company has been granting developer access to a device known as “iPhone 4S,” and this device is essentially an iPhone 4 handset with internal hardware upgrades. That doesn’t mean there aren’t changes in store — just that no one, including the devs, have seen any evidence of it yet.

Then again, there was that rumor floating around a couple of months ago, the one from ThisIsMyNext that featured a larger 3.7-inch edge-to-edge screen and tear drop profile. Wow… do you think… did this rumor actually nail it?

What do you think? Could this truly, actually be the next iPhone?

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