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Japan + Cameras = Taste the Rainbow

by Mike Perlman | June 18, 2011June 18, 2011 6:00 am PDT


I thought we were lucky enough in the States to get the white Pentax K2000 and the red K-r, but apparently we are an exceedingly deprived country when it comes to polychromatic camera color schemes. Our own illustrious gaming editor, Joey Davidson, scanned these images taken from a Japanese Pentax ad when he visited the land of the rising sun not too long ago. The ad gives consumers options for customizing their K-r model via the grip, body, and lens. What you are about to see may assault everything you ever knew about rainbows and the digital camera industry. I have seen some frighteningly alluring things in Tokyo, from the used panty vending machines to full-scale theater budget karaoke in a back alley of Shinjuku, but this takes the cake. It’s official: the Japanese love color. And digital cameras.

Our K-R models, inspired by a pack of Starburst fruit chews:


The three-step colorization process:



Taste the rainbow:




Mike Perlman

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