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Apple Doesn’t Want You To Record Concerts With Your iPhone

by Emily Price | June 17, 2011June 17, 2011 12:00 pm PDT

White iPhone 4Apple doesn’t want you using your iPhone to record concerts. According to the New York Post yesterday the company has spent the past 18 months developing a technology that would automatically turn off the camera on an iPhone that was pointed at a stage during an event.

The move (which Apple hasn’t commented on BTW) is reportedly an attempt to placate event broadcasters who have paid a great deal of money to have the rights to broadcast a show, and don’t want to have the same concert posted on video-sharing sites like YouTube.

Apple also recently announced its iTunes Match service, a service that could in theory give users the ability to get the iTunes version of songs that they originally obtained illegally. Apple may be trying to play nice with record labels, and preventing users from recording events is definitely something a lot of record labels could get behind.

The technology could also be used at sporting events, in museums, or anywhere else that wants to restrict camera use.

What do you think about Apple restricting what you use your iPhone camera for? Would a restricted camera make you less likely to purchase an Apple device?

[via the New York Post]

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