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Facebook Tests New Real-time “Happening Now” Sidebar

Facebook has enabled a feature for a small test group called “Happening Now,” a new sidebar delivering real-time updates on friends’ Facebook activities. Users can see what their friends are sharing, how they’re commenting, what they’re liking, who they’re friending and where they’re checking in.

But doesn’t the News Feed already do that? Well, yes and no. Think of Happening Now as a shortcut or quick-glance list that summarizes current activities in one easy-to-peruse spot. So if a friend just liked a video someone posted yesterday, it will show up in the list now, not buried back in the feed.

The sidebar is situated at the far right. (Click to enlarge.)


Obviously the info will be a little redundant between Happening Now and the News Feed, so hopefully there will be a way to set some filters for it. If so, this could be pretty handy. For example, I’d love to have a real-time list of posted articles and vids only. The main feed could house the status updates and pics of kittens, but the sidebar would be like a personalized real-time content channel populated by friends’ picks.

How would you use Happening Now?

[via The Next Web]

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