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What’s in Your Pocket? TheNillol’s Nokia N-Gage Review (video)

Here’s a blast from the past. TheNillol reviewed a super old, very outdated-looking phone. And the camerawork in this video just might induce headaches and vomiting, it’s so shaky. But there’s something about this guy’s style that’s really fun to watch – or to listen to, anyway. He’s honest, he does a good job with the features and pros/cons of the device, and despite how badly he needs a tripod and a camera with a zoom lens, he manages to throw in some good size comparisons and make fun of the phone’s insanely large manual on camera. He’s having fun, too, which always goes a long way.

Before there was the Xperia Play there was the N-Gage. And TheNillol saw fit to review his for our What’s in Your Pocket? series.


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