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The Bat and the Cat: Arkham City Demo Introduces Catwoman (Video)

Batman: Arkham Asylum came from nowhere to claim the crown of “best Batman game ever”, as well as being arguably the best comic game of all time and a strong candidate for the best game of 2009. The characters, the voice acting, and the set pieces all came together to let us know how it would feel to become the world’s greatest detective. But the game was also limited in many ways, with a small map to explore. With an expanded playground, new story, and more addictive gameplay mechanics, Batman: Arkham City is set to give players an experience worth remembering.

GameTrailers had the opportunity to take a look at Rocksteady’s latest creation when the game’s director, Sefton Hill, stopped by to talk about Catwoman and the title. He showed off a short clip of gameplay in which Catwoman appears, explaining the ways in which she and Batman differ.

After attendees got a brief glimpse of Catwoman, Hill went on to show off some of Arkham City‘s open environments, with Batman grapple-hooking his way around chaotic environments and stealthily taking out unsuspecting enemies. If you want to take a look at Batman: Arkham City for yourself, check out the entire demonstration below.

What do you, fellow gamers, think of Rocksteady’s latest superhero game? Are you looking forward to being fully immersed in Batman’s universe again? Is there any specific aspect of the game that has you jumping up-and-down with excitement? Sound off in the comments below.

Jack McGrath

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