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Video Tour of iOS 5 Running on an iPhone 3GS

If you’re curious if iOS 5 will run on an iPhone 3GS, your question has been answered.  A YouTuber from Poland has gotten the latest beta version of the Apple mobile operating system running on their iPhone 3GS and takes you a pretty detailed tour of how the new software will look and act when it hits your phones this fall.

As you can clearly see, setup is going to be drastically different, but for the better.  No cables will mean you’re up and running that much faster, and once you’re in, this new OS looks incredibly smooth and and fast.  Considering this is a generation back in the iPhone family tree, it should still work well, but running firmware that is two generations removed from it this smoothly is still pretty darn impressive.

There are a couple hiccups here and there, but this is still an early beta version of the software, so that is to be expected.  What is not part of the beta issues, and still inexplicable why it hasn’t been changed, is the ridiculous way you change pages in Safari.  Come on Apple, just add tabs and get it over with!

What do you think of the look of iOS 5 so far?  Are you happy it’s going to apparently run on the iPhone 3GS?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Sean P. Aune

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