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AT&T Gains Big-Name Support for T-Mobile Merger

AT&T and T-Mobile Merge (Logos) 2AT&T’s plan to takeover T-Mobile has been met with quite a bit of opposition. Now a few companies are putting their names down as supporters of the takeover.

Eight companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and RIM have all filed letters of support for the acquisition with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Should the deal go through, AT&T will be able to blanket most of the country in its 4G LTE network, good news for tech companies who want you to use their devices and services on that network. Now spotty coverage in some areas makes it so many people who could use smartphones are not, and many people who might use those smartphones to do things like upload pictures to Facebook  or send email to their buddies can’t–simply because the data connection isn’t there.

While the AT&T/ T-Mobile merger may bring coverage to those areas, it will also likely eliminate much of its competition in the process. Those who oppose the merger feel AT&T might eventually become the only game in town, which isn’t good for anyone.

You can check out a few of the letters companies wrote to the FCC embedded in a New York Times article.

What do you think about big companies pledging support for AT&T?

Emily Price

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