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SSX Heads Back to the Snowboarding Hills in Jan. 2012

EA has made no secret that the SSX snowboarding franchise is about to make its return to consoles, but what gameplay would be like, and which racers would be returning has been a bit of a mystery.  At the company’s E3 press conference today, they showed off some more footage, as well as released a video confirming the return of fan favorite racer Mac.

The series started off strong with the original title back in 2000, but by the fourth game in the series, SSX on Tour, the quality dropped off and the title was quickly losing ground.  The new title is due for release in Jan. 2012 and looks like a return to form with better graphics, shading, snow spray and physics.  The game will feature three game modes called, “Race It”, “Trick It” and “Survive It”, considering some of the footage we’ve seen, it seems pretty easy to figure out what each mode will be like.

While past characters Elise Riggs and Mac Fraser were confirmed prior to the press conference, while speaking on stage they also confirmed the return of fan favorite (and my personal fave), Kaori.  Considering the original promotional material showed ten racers in silhouette, we still have seven more to learn about before the release next winter.

What do you think?  Can SSX reclaim some of its former glory?


Sean P. Aune

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