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Microsoft Shows Off Updated Xbox Experience with YouTube, Live TV, and Bing (Updated)

by Jack McGrath | June 6, 2011June 6, 2011 10:41 am PDT

Annually, Microsoft refreshes the dashboard experience of its extremely popular console with a new user interface. This year, it appears as if the company is emphasizing voice controls and effortless discovery. Divided into organized sections, the newest dashboard experience will include YouTube, live television, and Bing. Take a look at the new experience in the gallery below.

Mark Whitten, Xbox LIVE’s team manager, had the following details to divulge regarding the next version of Microsoft’s dashboard experience:

· The New Dashboard. Simpler. Cleaner. Easier to navigate. With the addition of new entertainment content on Xbox LIVE and our commitment to continuously improving the overall Xbox experience, we’ve updated the dashboard with a new look and feel that makes it even more open, inviting and intuitive to navigate. All of your favorite content is categorized in a way that is easy to browse and find what you’re looking for, plus you can use voice anywhere in the dashboard to effortlessly navigate and get to what you want.

· Bing on Xbox. We are bringing Bing to Xbox. Bing on Xbox searches Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, as well as our music, video and Xbox LIVE marketplaces to find exactly the entertainment you want to enjoy. With Bing on Xbox and Kinect, you can effortlessly find the games, movies, TV shows, sports and music you want by only using your voice. You say it, Xbox finds it. The experience is now simpler than ever before.

· Expanded Kinect Voice Support. We want Xbox LIVE members around the globe to experience the magic of Kinect’s voice recognition technology so we are committed to bringing voice to eight additional markets by the end of this year with a total of 13 markets that will have Kinect voice. We are also exploring some innovative new ways to enable the LIVE community to help us accelerate the refinement of voice models in new markets, and look forward to sharing developments on that front soon.

What do you, fellow gamers, think? Would you use your Xbox to watch live television? What about YouTube? Sound off in the comments below.

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