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Apple Shows Off OS X Lion, Hitting a Mac Near You In July

by Emily Price | June 6, 2011June 6, 2011 10:15 am PDT

Today at WWDC Apple showed off the newest version of its OS X operating system, OS X Lion, which is expected to hit stores in July. We already knew quite a bit about Lion from a previous announcement, and Apple has even had a product profile page up on its for the OS for some time now. OS X Lion has 250 new features, with 10 key features.

Laptops are now built with multi-touch trackpads, allowing you to use gesture controls, tap-to-zoom, and two-finger swiping on the trackpad to control your Mac.

Full-screen applications
Lion allows you take the apps that you traditionally use on your Mac such as iPhoto, Mail, iCal, and Preview and make them full-screen rather than just a window on your screen. Applications can be swiped through on the computer’s trackpad, similar to how you might swipe through pictures or applications on an iPhone or iPad.

Mission Control
Mission control gives you bird’s-eye look at what’s running on your Mac at any given time. A single swipe on your trackpad will zoom out on your desktop, letting you see all of the applications and web pages you have open at the time.


Lion will create a new version of a document each time it is opened, and every hour that you’re working on it. Versions of the doc can be viewed side-by-side so you can go back to an older version if need be, or copy/paste to bring portions of the original document into your final version.

Airdrop lets you share files between computers by simply dragging and dropping them from one machine to the other.

Air Drop logo

Mail is updated in OS X Lion, adding search and conversations to the program.


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