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Early Sony NGP Screenshots for Uncharted & Wipeout Emerge

by Joey Davidson | June 2, 2011June 2, 2011 7:30 am PST

Several days ahead of the E3 reveal, it appears that one site briefly went live with a preview for Sony‘s Next Gen Portable (word is they’re calling it the “PS Vita“). That preview came with screenshots that show what, exactly this machine will be capable of.

One NeoGAF user took the time to download the images posted on the mobile site called The article this user links to returns a 404 error in Russian, so one would assume the article has since been taken down. The images, however, remain on said user’s NeoGAF post. We’ll show you some and then link out to the rest of his sleuthery.

The two major titles from this, more than likely, embargo breaking preview are Wipeout and Uncharted. Uncharted has been confirmed by Sony for the NGP, but Wipeout is news. That said, you’d be hard pressed to name a Sony console without some version of Wipeout on it.

Here are two of your screens. If you’re looking for more, hit the initial NeoGAF thread in question.

Well … I’m sold. E3 just got a lot more interesting for this writer.

While these may be convincing, please consider them rumor until Sony slaps the “official” rumor on them.

[via VG247]

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