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3DS Update Brings eShop, Browser and Free Excitebike

June 6th, next Monday, marks the date that the first large update for the Nintendo 3DS will be available. Nintendo sent around a press release this morning detailing exactly what this update brings to the table for 3DS owners, and the contents within are rather solid.

For starters, the update will bring both the 3DS’ eShop and Internet Browser online. Users will be able to dive into offerings that, all things considered, probably should have been available to them at launch. That aside, the browser is capable of displaying 3D images from 3D capable web sites (those do exist, promise), and users can actually browse in the middle of playing a game. Think of it like you would multitasking on any device worth its weight these days; you pause your game, tap the home button, surf the web and then return to your gaming.

The eShop will, hopefully, be the go-to location for a large chunk of the gaming to be done on the 3DS. The catalogue promises to be large and varied enough to warrant several visits. From the press release:

The Nintendo eShop is a digital store for Nintendo 3DS owners that provides access to a wide variety of downloadable content, such as original 3D software, classic games that have been re-mastered in 3D called 3D Classics, Game Boy and Game Boy Color “Virtual Console” games in their original 2D glory, and more than 350 Nintendo DSiWaregames. Visitors can also view video game trailers, screen shots and product information for games, including those available at retail locations.

Two free titles will be available at launch: a remastered, 3D version of the Nintendo Entertainment System classic Excitebike and a 3D Pokédex for the Pokémon in Black & White. The former sounds incredible, the latter sounds incredibly nerdy. As a nerd, I do declare, “Sign me up for both!”

Excitebike will only be free for 30 days starting on June 6th, so if this game interests you and you own a 3DS, you should probably jump on the offering straight away.

Joey Davidson

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