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SmartShawl: A Snuggie for Tech Women?

by Adriana Lee | May 31, 2011May 31, 2011 6:00 am PST

Could a tech habit cost more than a mere wallet hit? Like maybe some health consequences?

Fear not. The Gadget Snuggie is coming to save the day. Okay, well, it’s not actually named that, but it might as well be. It’s actually called the SmartShawl, and it’s the product of two mothers’ collective efforts to protect women against the potentially harmful effects of microwave ovens, as well as other wireless signals like cell phones or Wi-Fi. The item covers the chest and stomach to block radiation exposure for women worried about breast cancer or safeguarding a pregnancy.

At the very least, it can bring people some peace of mind — and at the low retail price of $35 (with SmartShawl appliance covers going for $30).

What do you think? Is it smart idea or a lame grab at capitalizing on the fears of technophobes? Weigh in below.

[via ChipChick]


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