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Sony Shows off PS3 7.1 Surround Wireless Headset

Sony has just announced the newest addition to their PlayStation 3 accessory line up: the official wireless headset. The unit looks simply elegant with its plain, black finish and minimalist design. More than that, though, it appears to be packing the right tech at the right price.

The official wireless PS3 headset will sell for $99. It will offer 7.1 surround sound and a retractable microphone that, if Sony’s blog post about it is to be believed, delivers crystal clear voice chat.

On several sites outside of TechnoBuffalo, I’ve been the guy that sees the latest and greatest gaming headphones. I have a stack of them in my basement that rivals my collection of paint cans, old sports equipment and terrible board games. With that in mind, one of the chief concerns I’ve always had with gaming headsets is the level of form and comfort that they provide. Gamers, especially the ones considering headsets like these, can sit for hours on end while playing a game; it’s essential that the set doesn’t hurt, pinch or overheat your ears during that time.

But Sony makes mention of that factor as well. These headphones were designed “with comfort in mind for hours of gameplay…” Well, exactly. If their right, then this accessory is hard to pass on. Most wireless headphones in the 7.1 surround category will run you around $200. For $99, an officially licensed unit that’s been designed to match your gaming equipment sounds really, really nice.

With that said, nothing sells or kills a pair of headphones like their audio quality. Sony will have had to build these with great sound drive in mind in order to fulfill the aural experience most gamers are looking for. At 7.1 surround, the headphones absolutely must deliver crisp highs, a balanced mid-range and booming lows. Playing today’s games on anything less than that cheats the user out of a great experience.

The official wireless headset hits stores in September of this year.

[via PlayStation.Blog]

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