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Rumor: Apple Sweet-talking Sammy for AMOLED iPad 3 Displays?

It’s hard not to look at Samsung’s AMOLED screen technology (like the supers on the Galaxy S line of phones) without drooling, isn’t it? These AMOLEDs have been admired on every carrier, thanks to the company’s own line of smartphones as well as others like HTC’s Nexus One, Droid Incredible and the Desire.

Well, according to a rumor in the Korean press, it may not stop there. Supposedly despite their litigious relationship, Apple is trying to sweet talk Sammy for those displays.

This rumor might not be as far-fetched as some Apple watchers seem to think. As the story goes, Cupertino wants a sexier display for its next-gen tablet than the current LCD screen on the iPad 2. Everyone knows that Apple is super, mega proud of its Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, but the cost of a big screen version doesn’t make an iPad 3 Retina Display very likely.

Meanwhile, Samsung — which already supplies parts for i-products, including the A4 and A5 processors, not to mention NAND flash and said LCD screens — just debuted a glorious 10.1-inch Pentile display. This thing is a beast, with 2560×1600 res and 300dpi. That’s certainly enough to turn the heads of Retina Display freaks, isn’t it?

Of course, the thought of a screen technology being so clear, it gets bashed in like this (below) — well, that’s enough to send chills up the spine. But hey, if it’s a risk we must take…

Think we could see the super crisp and vibrant Sammy AMOLED display on the next iPad? Or would that be a product of an unholy deal, with Samsung needing to hoard the best tech for itself and other Android makers?

Well, even if it doesn’t come, that shouldn’t stop the most industrious of us from making our own and using whatever screen we want — like this dude. He constructed a functional, fully custom “iPad 3” in two weeks, even down to the Apple logo. (But speaking of unholy alliances, what do you think possessed him to put Windows XP on it?)

If you’re not the type to shy away from hardware guts, then hit the video at the bottom to enjoy the time-lapsed complete build.

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