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Exclusive: Torch 2 Running BlackBerry OS 7 (Pics)

BlackBerry Torch 2 Front Off

Summer came early. RIM said BlackBerry OS 7S was coming “this summer,” but we’ve got you some two days before Memorial Day.

Mr. Blurrycam stopped by for a visit on Wednesday, bringing with him some teaser pics of the BlackBerry Torch 2 out in the wild. Today his cousin, Mr. Awesomecam, decided to hang out at the TechnoBuffalo pad. He stayed long enough to verify in a photo what’s worth a thousand words: We’ve got ourselves a Torch 2, and it’s running the next-gen RIM platform, BlackBerry OS 7.

Announced at BlackBerry World at the beginning of this month, BB OS 7 promises an easier, faster, better user experience, enhanced Web browser with HTML 5 Video support and a new JavaScript compiler, as well as voice search for local (which is not working on this model, but it is in the system and can be seen in the photos) and Web content. BlackBerry Balance is also part of the 7 OS experience, picking up where Nokia S60’s old Modes idea left off in attempting to help you separate your work and personal lives. As if you’d leave work off of your cell phone just because the clock struck five on a three-day weekend.

Enjoy the pics for now, and stay tuned for more hands-on coverage of the next generation of BlackBerry. Photos of the device in all its glory? Hands-on video of BB OS 7 in action? TechnoBuffalo’s take on how the Torch 2 stacks up? Yeah, you know it, we’ve got you covered. Just keep it locked in here in the days to come!

Thanks to the folks at Negri Electronics for hooking us up.

BlackBerry Torch 2 Image Gallery

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