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Sprint Launching Dual-Core Photon 4G (and others) June 9

This morning Sprint invited us to a media luncheon in New York City on June 9. This afternoon a very well positioned source (who requested anonymity) spilled the beans on why Sprint and Motorola are taking the press out to lunch: Photon 4G.

Sprint will unveil multiple devices at the event early next month, likely including a WiMax-enabled version of the Motorola Xoom Android tablet. But top billing will go to the Photon 4G, an “Atrix 2.0″ smartphone/mobile-computer with an NVIDIA Tegra 2-dual-core processor and WiMax radio. The phone will, of course, run Google’s Android OS. Our source confirmed the following specs:

Photon 4G Tech Specs

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 4.3″ qHD Display (960 x 540)
  • WiMax Support
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8MP Camera
  • Latest Build of MotoBlur (as seen on Droid X2)
  • Soft-Grip Back with Metal Kickstand
  • Atrix-style Laptop Dock
  • Target Ship Date of July

This isn’t really a shocker, considering how Motorola positioned Atrix 4G as their vision of mobile computing. Even though Atrix hasn’t exactly set the world on fire since its launch on AT&T, Moto wouldn’t have designed and produced such an involved phone/dock/software system unless they planned to deploy multiple verisons of it across multiple carriers. Interestingly, our source would only confirm a laptop dock as in the works for Photon, even though both laptop and multimedia docks are available for Atrix.

UPDATE: This is my next… is upping the stakes here with a report that “Codename: Sunfire” will also sport a GSM radio for global roaming. Photon 4G as a world phone? Can’t hurt, right?

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