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Barnes & Noble Announces New $139 E-Ink Nook

by Emily Price | May 24, 2011May 24, 2011 8:20 am PST

Yesterday Barnes & Noble put the Wi-Fi dual-screen Nook up on eBay for $99, $50 less than what it charges for the device on its own site. The price drop and sale was the company’s way of getting rid of old stock, in anticipation of its announcement of the newest version of the e-reader this morning at an event in NYC.

The newest member on the Nook family is a 6-inch keyboardless e-reader with a single Pearl e-ink display (getting rid of the dual-screen design of the previous e-ink Nook), and 2GB of built-in storage (as well as a microSDHC slot for additional virtual bookshelf space). B&N claims the device can last two months on a single charge, and that the updated display offers “80% less flashing during page turns,” over the previous model. A complaint had by many e-reader users.

In addition to updated hardware, the Nook also has a redesigned homescreen with your current reading list as well as suggested titles, now displays the actual page number of the book you’re reading, and has a feature called FastPage Zoom forward which lets you jump to a specific page on the book you’re reading quickly.

The new Nook is available for preorder now for $139, with the e-reader starting to ship on June 10. The new Nook will also be available at Best Buy, Staples, Books-A-Million and Walmart locations on the 10th for the same price. The older version of the e-reader will see a price drop down to ($119 for Wi-Fi/ $169 for 3G) and will be discontinued once supplies run out.

What do you think? can you see yourself buying a redesigned Nook?


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