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Minecraft: Introducing the New “Sky Dimension”

There’s nothing more relaxing than coming home on a Friday after working all week to jump on the computer and play Minecraft, the brainchild of one Swedish developer, Markus “Notch” Persson. After founding Mojang Specifications in Stockholm, his indie sandbox title has achieved international success, selling over one million copies despite the fact that the game is still in beta testing. Notch has always been very public about the development process, detailing new additions to the game in an open environment. What’s next for Minecraft?

Though it appears as if Notch was simply experimenting within his game engine, he tweeted a series of screenshots that display an experimental “Sky Dimension”, a world that exists above the clouds. The potential addition drew attention from PC Gamer, which pushed Notch to confirm the feature in a tweet:

Because PC Gamer made such a big deal of the sky dimension, I guess I’ll have to finish it. Consider it confirmed.

In addition to Notch’s confirmation of a new “Sky Dimension”, he announced that version 1.6 of Minecraft‘s beta will be released within the week. Though the majority of the update is comprised of bug fixes, 1.6 also adds maps to the title, allowing for easier exploration of vast Minecraft worlds. Notch has also been working on adding Nether Realm compatibility to the game’s multiplayer.

Feel free to browse the photographs that Notch tweeted in the gallery below. According to his feed, the maps perform extremely well, but he would like to refine the tier’s graphics. There is no time frame for the release of the “Sky Dimension”, but it will likely be available before the full-release of the title in November.

What do you, fellow Minecraft players, think? Do you want to soar far above the clouds with Notch’s new “Sky Dimension”? Is there any other feature you would like to be added to the game? Sound off in the comments below.

Jack McGrath

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