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Geeked: A Facebook Biography?

by Emily Price | May 20, 2011May 20, 2011 3:15 pm PST

Do you ever feel like Facebook is in a way a biography of your life? A company called Social Memories wants to take all your Facebook memories and turn them into a paper book that you throw of your coffee table and flip through.

All this magic starts with giving the Social memories App access to your Facebook account. Once launched, you can customize what parts of your Facebook life you want the application to capture, and for $27 you can have those memories shipped to your door in paper form. Books can include information about your favorite friends on the site, your most popular Facebook photo album, and even a retrospective on your previous profile pictures.

What do you think? Is it a cool concept, or something is better left online?

Emily Price

Emily has been obsessed with computers since the early 80s when she discovered she could play Ghostbusters on her father's Commodore 64. She...