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Sprint HTC Arrive To Get Security Update On May 24th?

by Sean P. Aune | May 19, 2011May 19, 2011 9:30 am PST

The Sprint HTC Arrive is rumored to be receiving the 7392 update next week on May 24.  This is the update that takes care of the issue with bogus security certificates that leave the handset’s built-in version of Internet Explorer open to security exploits.

Spantechular obtained a screenshot that isn’t the easiest to read, but it clearly confirms the date and refers to the update as 1.29.651.02.  It says that it provides “better device security”, which is what leads everyone to believe its the 7392 update even though it goes by an OS version number.

HTC Arrive Sprint update

The update started going out on May 3rd from Microsoft, so a delivery time of three weeks for Sprint customers isn’t too bad at all.

Have you run into any problems with the bogus certificates?

[via Spantechular]

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