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Rumor: Amazon Offering 2 Tablets to Make Processor Freaks Weep

Amazon planning a tablet? Well, that’s not exactly a new story… but the rumor that a pair of them are in the works to attack the tablet market sure is.

According to a tipster over at BoyGenius Report, Amazon may be planning to release two tablets by year’s end. There’s not a lot of details on this, but the few that leaked so far are pretty eye-popping: The source says there will be a “lite” version (codenamed “Coyote”) powered by the dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform, along with a beastier version nicknamed “Hollywood” that will be sporting the NVIDIA’s T30 “Kal-El.”

If you don’t know it, hold on to your shorts — Kal-El promises to deliver a sick quad-core processor, besting the Tegra 2’s performance by 500%.

No word on screen sizes, price points or other details yet, but you’ll know them as soon as we do.

[via BoyGenius Report]

Adriana Lee

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