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Nintendo’s Sales Take Big Dip for Month of April

by Joey Davidson | May 14, 2011May 14, 2011 8:02 am PST

The Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo 3DS both had a poor showing for sales during the month of April. Both platforms are officially doing not so well; however, for the Wii, this news does not come as a surprise.

Nintendo‘s home console is showing its age poorly. The hardware is outdated, the desire for owning the console has all but disappeared and the company has clearly started backing away from the platform by announcing the existence of a Wii successor for next year.

The Nintendo Wii had its worst sales numbers for any April in its existence with only 172,000 units sold. A lack of software and the fact that everyone that wanted a Wii probably already has one combined to create a poor showing on the charts. However, recognize that this console is nearing the end of its lifespan and the news of lackluster sales makes complete sense.

Try and apply that logic to the Nintendo 3DS; you can’t.

The Nintendo 3DS sold half as many units in April as it did during its first week of launch. That marks just 194,000 units. For Nintendo, that figure has got to be positively stunning. For gamers, well, some of us saw this coming from a mile away.

Look towards the launch lineup of the handheld for the reasoning behind its disappointing sales performance. The early adopters ran out to buy the hardware once it dropped. After that? There’s been no reason for anyone to make a trip out to the store to pick up Nintendo’s 3D handheld. The games simply aren’t appealing enough to encourage consumers to spend the cash for the hardware.

Nintendo justified their launch lineup before the system released by explaining that they planned to pepper the year with high profile games rather than putting their best out all at once and then slowing to a complete drag. If the month of April is any indication, that was a mistake. Most gamers that I’ve talked to have all said that they’re waiting for games like Ocarina of Time or Star Fox before they take the plunge.

And, honestly, who can blame them? Are any of you holding off from buying a 3DS until more attractive software comes along?

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