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Google Launches Google “News Near You”

by Emily Price | May 14, 2011May 14, 2011 12:01 pm PST

Yesterday Google launched Google “News near you,” a new feature to the mobile version of Google News that brings up news relevant to where you are. Google originally launched location-based news in 2008, as just a section of Google News where you could check up on what was going on in your town, state, and surrounding areas. New stories are analyzed word for word to try and ensure that they are in fact about the local area where they are posted.

The new mobile feature actually determines where you are on its own (once you give it permission) and will display relevant news to where you are- even if you’re traveling and are in an area away from home. The local news section is automatically added to the bottom of your Google News homepage; however, you can customize it to bring it to a different portion of the page later on if you like.

You can access Google News by going to from your smartphone.

How many of you use Google News as your traditional news source? Are you going to add the News Near You function to your mobile phone?

Emily Price

Emily has been obsessed with computers since the early 80s when she discovered she could play Ghostbusters on her father's Commodore 64. She...