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Amazon Android Tablet this Summer? CEO says “Stay Tuned”

It’s coming. Trust me, it’s coming. I mean, I don’t know for sure, but I’m bettin’ ya that the stuff Sean wrote about a week or so ago and the stuff I speculated on back in March are gonna happen. The Amazon tablet, she is a comin’.

Consumer Reports, of all places, quoted Amazon chief Jeff Bezos yesterday as saying “stay tuned” when it comes to the possibility of the giant e-tailer complementing its Kindle line of e-readers with a full-fledged tablet computer. Bezos was careful to point out that his company has no intentions of undermining its successful Kindles, which rely on greyscale e-ink technology for a dedicated reading experience. But he’d also be a fool not to see the growing popularity of multipurpose tablets that offer e-reader apps on their color LCD displays. So is an Amazon tablet, perhaps an Android device with a Kindle app, in the cards? As CR reported:

“We will always be very mindful that we will want a dedicated reading device,” Bezos said. “In terms of any other product introductions, I shouldn’t answer.”

While we reported on rumors that Amazon had placed an order with Taiwanese computer maker Quanta Computers, earlier rumors pointed at Samsung as the manufacturer. Either way, given that Kindle 3 launched last August, conventional wisdom would point to something shiny and new from Amazon before Labor Day’s upon us.

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