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Groupon Now! Officially Launches

by Emily Price | May 11, 2011May 11, 2011 7:00 am PST

Groupon Now! officially launched yesterday. The location-based version of the popular Groupon discount service allows you to find deals near your current location by simply launching the Groupon app on your phone.

Deals may be going on all day,or may just last a few hours, and are temporary discounts on goods and services. You still have to purchase a Groupon, just the time you have to purchase that Groupon and use it is considerably more restricted than the traditional version. Merchants can also choose to schedule a bargain on the spot when business is slow, so one could literally pop out of nowhere if merchant wants to bump up service. Watch the video above for a full demo of how the magic happens.

Current Groupon Now is in beta in Chicago only. The company plans of expanding service elsewhere soon.

What do you think about Groupon now, and location-based deal in general? Can you see yourself whipping out your phone to figure out where the bargains are on a particular day?

Emily Price

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