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Google Announces ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ – Aims to Unify Tablets, Smartphones, & Hearts

by Jon Rettinger | May 10, 2011May 10, 2011 9:29 am PST

Mere moments ago Google took the wraps off the next major Android update, appropriately dubbed ‘Ice Cream Sandwich.’  This presumed 4.0 looks to address the growing fragmentation problem by unifying smartphones and tablet under one OS.  Here’s hoping for a quick carrier adoption process.  Google is calling it “One OS Everywhere.”  We certainty hope so.

Google didn’t divulge too much, but did let us know that it’s coming sometime in Q4 (September-December) and will feature some pretty innovative camera technology.   “Googlers on-stage showed that an Android device with a camera could actually tell where a user was looking and also where voices were coming from — so for example, when two people were on-camera, the camera would adjust its zoom based on who was speaking.” (VentureBeat)

Jon Rettinger

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