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How Smartphones Are Changing Men


A new survey from Spike TV helps corroborate what many of us have believed for a while — that mobile devices are actually changing people. In this case, the subjects are smartphones and the modern male. The results should shock no one here: Apparently, guys really heart their phones, and this relationship is powerful, resulting in feelings of empowerment, distraction and possibly even addiction.

The survey of 1,018 male smartphone users found that:

  • 88% of men said they “love” their smartphone
  • Half admitted they were addicted to it
  • Eight out of 10 feel that their device makes their lives better
  • 73% believe it gives them confidence
  • 69% said it makes them feel smarter
  • 72% use maps and GPS more because of smartphones
  • Another 72% communicate more with friends, and credit their device for that

Distraction is also a strong factor. Four out of 10 men cop to checking out their handsets in lieu of interacting with real people, and 32 percent admitted they know people who are ticked off at them because the respondent was over-using a smartphone in their presence.

Despite these fascinating findings, it’s not just men who are prone to those behaviors. According to Nielsen, 55 percent of smartphone users (15–24 years old) are women, so if you dug deeper, you could probably find similar habits in the female segment as well.

Thing is, women are traditionally expected to communicate, feel attached to accessories and yes, even stop and find directions when we’re lost. So the belief is that we’re hardwired for some of these behaviors, while guys are not. The fact that these tendencies are showing up more in men lately is interesting.

Here’s another way we’re different: Says a Retrevo study, more men find women with cool handsets attractive than the reverse (about half of men vs 36% of women).

Not exactly a shocker, until I read it the other way around: This statistic means that over a third of females factor hardware into the male hotness scale. So much for girls putting down “boys and their toys.” Turns out, it’s a turn-on for a fair chunk of women.

Do you find this to be true? Does someone’s hardware factor into their attractiveness? And what about the other stats from the study? Let us know if these findings ring true for you or not.

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