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Star Fox 64 3D Features 3DS Gyroscope Control

by Joey Davidson | April 27, 2011April 27, 2011 2:00 pm PST

Star Fox 64 3D for the 3DS has been advertised as coming to Nintendo‘s latest handheld some time this year. Currently, the game has a targeted July release date in Japan, and no solid date for North America or the rest of he world. Information is slowly trickling out concerning this classic N64 update, including news of new 3D effects added to the experience.

Now, Star Fox 64 3D will make use of the gyroscope in the 3DS. Using the physical tilt control within the handheld, players will be able to guide their Airwings, the ships from the Star Fox brand, through some of the best levels in the series’ history.

While this sounds like an interesting and innovative addition in principle, anyone who’s played the 3DS for more than a few minutes ┬áhas likely already noted a potential issue with the gyroscope play.

If you don’t know by now, the 3DS requires players to hold the device within a narrow sweet spot in order to enjoy the 3D illusion Nintendo’s made the banner feature of the system. If you tilt the unit or lean out of the sweet spot, the 3D effect is blurred and has a jarring effect on the illusion. Whenever I’ve felt I strain while playing the handheld, it’s come during moments when I found myself leaning in and out of the sweet spot.

Combine that with the obvious point that gyroscope control forces users to tilt and turn their device constantly, and you’ve got a recipe for broken 3D illusions and further headaches. In fact, I’d argue that using the gyroscope in Star Fox 64 3D will completely ruin the 3D feature on the 3DS.

Of course, players that want to use the gyroscope could always turn off the 3D effect. And, furthermore, the game will definitely be playable with the more traditional circle pad. When I played the game at E3, I did so using the standard control configuration.

We’ll have more on this title and future, exciting 3DS releases as they become available.

[via Nintendo of Japan]

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