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Apple’s NC Data Center: Just For Music?

The FOX affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina recently did a news story on Apple’s 180-acre property in the state. The area, which got bad marks last week from Greenpeace, has been designated as a data center, which many believe will house a cloud-based iTunes … but will Apple just stick to music?

Apple rumors in the news story range from Apple housing a Netflix-competitor in the center, to the company using the area eventually as a new East Coast campus. The amount of property Apple owns in NC is quite substantial (it has only built on a third of it so far), so the idea is that the company may have other “bigger” plans in the future to stream things other than just music from the facility, or move other general company operations to the area to take advantage of the space. While some of the thoughts in the story may be a bit far fetched, you are able to get a good aerial look at the facility in the clip, as well as meet the guy who shot the fly over video.

What do you think Apple may have planned for the site? Cloud-based music service? Nexflix competitor?

[via Fortune]

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