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Toshiba Regza AT300 Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablet Unveiled

Toshiba Regza AT300Toshiba unveiled its first tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb in Japan today, the Regza AT300.  Priced at 60,000JPY (US$723), the tablet is due for release this June  in Japan, but no word on international releases as of yet.

For those of you who follow Toshiba products, you’ll recognize the Regza name from televisions and Blu-ray players the company releases.  While it isn’t clear yet what exactly the company is planning, apparently the AT300 will interact with Regza branded products in some way.  It could possibly be streaming media to the tablet and vice-versa, or it may simply turn in to some form of remote control, we just don’t know yet, but it could potentially be very cool.

Toshiba Regza AT300It does appear to be running the stock version of Honeycomb, the same as the Xoom has been running.  The device weighs in at 765 grams (just under 1.7 lbs) and measures 15.8mm (.62-inches) thick.  The battery life is said to be around seven hours of operation, so while not as good as some other options on the market, it isn’t horrible either.

There are no guarantees that the AT300 will ever be released outside of Japan, but it seems unlikely that the company would go through all of this work to not want to sell it in as many markets as possible.  Also, considering it was show at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, a United States release seems pretty much a lock.

Toshiba Regza AT300 Tech Specs

  • 10.1-inch WXGA screen (1280 x 800)
  • Dual-core Tegra 2 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16GB internal memory
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • 5 Megapixel rear camera
  • 2 Megapixel front camera
  • USB post
  • mini-USB port
  • HDMI port
  • SD Card port (SD/SDHC)

Do you have any interest in a the Toshiba Regza AT300 tablet?

[via Akihabara News]

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