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Could These be Nintendo’s New Project Cafe Controllers?

by Joey Davidson | April 20, 2011April 20, 2011 9:36 am PST

A Twitter user sent a message to TechnoBuffalo’s own Jon Rettinger (@Jon4Lakers) containing a simple link to an image. No description, no explanation, just the image. That image is the one you see to the right.

Click the image itself to be linked to a larger version for closer inspection.

If the look, fonts and “Nintendo Project Cafe” branding are to be believed, we may be looking at company mock ups that are being sent around third party developer offices right now. It has been rumored by several gaming and tech sites around the net that Nintendo is: A) Going to unveil their next home console at or before E3, and B) That said system is going to pack controllers with screens built into their faces. The screens will be capable of streaming the console’s content to gamers even when their TVs are off.

As for the legitimacy of the image? I reached out to the original Twitter user that shot Jon the link. The awesomely named ChuckBartowski (@numerical7) directed me to a section of, here we go, 4chan. 4chan, for those that don’t know, is a wondrous hive-mind of Internet glory, rage and insanity. And that fact translates to the legitimacy of the image itself.

Take this with a massive, massive grain of salt, but 4chan users may have actually dragged out a piece of the current design of Nintendo’s next home console. Or someone may be thinking themselves incredibly clever right now. Here’s the original post, via screenshot of the gaming section of 4chan. Expletives blacked out, of course.

Don’t expect anything official from Nintendo for a while, but we’ll have more on this as it develops.

Joey Davidson

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