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Foursquare Sees Over 3 Million #4sqDay Check-Ins

Foursquare saw over three million check-ins on Saturday. The day (4/16) marked the company’s annual “Foursquare Day, ” and was its biggest day yet in the check in department, with 3,073,635 happening over the course of the day. Each individual who checked in also earned a 4sq day badge.

What’s the big deal?

Foursquare saw a whopping 3400% growth in 2010, registering 381,576,305 total check-ins over the course of last year, and a user base of 6 million.

While 6 million certainly isn’t as large a user-base as something like Facebook or Twitter, it’s also not a number you can simply ignore. Location-based social networking seems to be here to stay. Other location-based check-in services such as Gowalla, Facebook Places, and Google Latitude are picking up a decent amount of check-in traffic on their own, and Foursquare clearing 3 million check-ins in a day shows that it is a industry that is growing pretty quickly rather than dying out.

Do any of you use Foursquare? Did you pick up the 4sq day badge? What makes you use the service?

Emily Price

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