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Hidden Gems: Psychonauts

In this weekly column, we’ll be selecting inexpensive, discarded titles from still playable consoles for your perusal. They may be games you’ve heard of and remember playing, or they may be games that have flown completely off of your radar. Just know that we love them and they’re available on the cheap. That’s a bonafide win/win situation.

If you have any favorite titles that you consider hidden gems, let us know in the comments below and we might feature your pick in the weekly column.

Platform: Xbox, PS2, PC
Original Release: April 19th, 2005

What kind of gaming Hidden Gems series would this be if it didn’t catalogue one of the greatest, and most respected lost treasures of all time? A terrible one, that’s what.

Psychonauts may not have that same diamond in the rough quality it had when it released during the last console generation a few years back. The title has been featured in Hidden Gem and Underappreciated lists so many times that it’s nearly certain that most gamers know about it by now. And yet, that doesn’t change the fact that this title did so poorly initially.

Psychonauts is considered one of Double Fine‘s masterpieces. That’s the company that houses one of gaming’s greatest minds, Tim Schafer. Gamers play a kid with a host of psychic powers in development. Raz, aforementioned kid, snuck away from a travelling circus in order to be a part of a summer camp meant to pamper psychic abilities. A hidden problem causes a storm of instabilitiy and players have to use Raz’s powers to enter the minds of camp personalities.

Doing so will take you on a tour of some of the best levels ever designed. You’ll stomp a city of tiny fish down as a giant, you’ll fight a bull, you’ll enter World War I and you’ll battle paranoia. Paranoia, of course, comes from my personal favorite level: The Milkman Conspiracy. Check this one out:

Psychonauts is currently available as an Xbox Game on Demand over Xbox LIVE. You’ll drop a whopping 1200 Points, or $15, and be treated to one of the best gaming experiences ever created. If you haven’t played this game, I can’t recommend it enough.

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Joey Davidson

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