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Has the Motorola Droid Bionic Been Canceled? (UPDATED)

Droid-BionicLast we heard of the Droid Bionic was when it was spotted on a Verizon roadmap of upcoming phone releases.  Despite that document showing a release in May of this year, not all that much has been said about the phone since it was first shown off back in Jan. at the Consumer Electronics Show.  Even though we were able to go hands-on with the Droid Bionic at that time, it’s just continued to be allusive.

Now word is coming out that the phone may have been canceled all together.  Phandroid is reporting that a rumor that started over on Howard Forums that the Droid Bionic had been canceled, and instead is being replaced by a new phone named the Motorola Targa, are looking to be true.

Not a whole lot is known about the Motorola Targa, just that the name has been thrown about a lot, and no one is quite sure when it is scheduled for release.  If the Droid Bionic is indeed canceled, we doubt the Targa would be ready in time for the May release window that would now be vacated.  We’re not quite sure why the Bionic would need to be sacrificed for another phone, but if this does indeed prove to be true, there are going to be a lot of disappointed folks who have been waiting for this handset.

We have reached out to our sources for comment and will update with any information we receive.

What do you think?  What has the Droid Bionic possibly been scrapped all together?

UPDATE: A trusted source has told us that the Bionic is canceled, but only so that Motorola can retool the specs. There will indeed eventually be a handset with the name “Droid Bionic”, but it will have superior specs to what we saw in Jan. at CES. More as we get it.

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