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TechnoBuffalo Defines: n00b

by Emily Price | April 12, 2011April 12, 2011 1:00 pm PST

A few weeks ago we wrote a post where everyone here at TechnoBuffalo defined the term Fanboy. You guys had some great definitions of your own to contribute, so we’ve decided to keep the TechnoBuffalo Defines magic going, and offer some prizes in the process!

Each Tuesday we’ll be giving you guys a new tech term to define. Give us your best shot at a definition in the comments. The TechnoBuffalo staff will pick our favorites from the mix, post them on Thursdays as a poll, and let you all vote for who you think did the best job of explaining the term to everyone else.

Didn’t someone mention prizes?
Prizes will vary from week to week. To the best definition this week we’ll be giving away the IDAT i2+ Universal desktop charger. The device allows you to charge up to three devices simultaneously, and is compatible with over 4,000 different electronic devices. Charging tips included: miniUSB, microUSB, iPod/iPhone, Samsung 4, Nokia 2, and Sony Ericcson 2.

To make sure we can contact you quickly after you’ve won, please make sure to have your Twitter or Facebook account associated with your comments.

On to this weeks term: n00b

Give us your best definitions in the comments below, and check back Thursday to see if you were selected by the TechnoBuffalo staff to go on to the next round!

Congratulations to last week’s winner Vettlemaster7 for his definition of +1.

+1 [Pr. pluhs wuhn] v. : The google web-search equivalent of “liking” something on facebook.

Adam: Did you “+1″ my website on google?

Steve: No, but I “liked” it on facebook

Adam: Close enough

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