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Microsoft Releases Preview of Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer logoNot satisfied to sit on their laurels after the launch of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft is already at it again with the release of IE10 Platform Preview 1.

Microsoft has gotten back into the browser wars in a big way with IE 9, and it looks like the company wants to keep the momentum going.  Coming just a year after the launch of the last iterations preview, and only weeks after its official launch, the company is touting its next release of its long lasting browser, Internet Explorer 10.  Building upon the full integration of HTML5 into version 9, Microsoft is looking to make number 10 even more powerful by tapping into your computer’s hardware for some acceleration which should make actions in the browser even faster and smoother.

Also coming along for the ride is the addition of new CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) controls that should allow for greater graphics diversity in site design without having to be a master of graphics programs.

To keep building the excitement, the IE Test Center is keeping track of around 500 different tasks to benchmark various browsers against one another.  Oddly there are next to no failed tasks listed for either IE 9 or 10 which raises a little bit of suspicion, but it’s still intriguing to see just how well Microsoft feels this next version will do.

There is currently no announcement of even a timeline for release of IE 10, but if it follows anything like IE 9 you have to figure it will be about a year from now.  Anyone can download the preview of 10, however, so if you have a burning desire to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve, have at it.

What do you think?  Are you already chomping at the bit for IE 10, or is IE 9 going to keep you satisfied for a little while yet?


Sean P. Aune

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