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Gaming for the Weekend – 4/9

by Joey Davidson | April 9, 2011April 9, 2011 9:57 am PST

We here at TechnoBuffalo are lovers of all things gadget, gizmo and tech. Video games are a part of that world. As a way to share a little bit more about our editors and their weekend habits, we’ve decided to run a weekly feature every Saturday that dives into what some of the staff are playing.

Whether it’s Angry Birds or Bad Company 2, you’re likely to find a wide variety of titles and preferences here every time you read. Enjoy

Sean P. Aune – Editor-in-Chief
Having just downloaded Death Rally and Words With Friends this week, I am sad to admit that I’m starting to see some of the allure of gaming on the iPad.  Beyond that, I’m thinking some Raiden IV may be in order on the Xbox 360 as well.

Jack McGrath – Contributing Editor
With the recent announcement that Minecraft will be coming out on November 11 of this year, I’ve again decided to spend my weekend glued to the game’s beta version, constructing and destructing everything in sight. Other than that I’ll keep things rather light, hopefully beating my high score in Tiny Wings before long.

Joey Davidson – Video Games Editor
I’ll, hopefully, be spending time primarily with two games this weekend. I’ve got the new Tiger Woods and intent to tee up with my Move controller to get prepped for this year’s golf outings. Hopefully I won’t be too terrible. And I intend to finish construction on my massive Pokeball in Minecraft. Here she is so far, sorry for the video quality. I’ve been building this during me time with some friends.

What are you playing this weekend?

Joey Davidson

Joey Davidson leads the gaming department here on TechnoBuffalo. He's been covering games online for more than 10 years, and he's a lover of all...