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YouTube Looking To Reorganize Site For Internet TV

YouTube is apparently considering a series of changes to its home page, highlighting different “channels” such as sports and the arts, 20 in all. Each channel will feature several hours of professionally-produced content, as well as user-generated content from the site.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the move is part of a plan to better position the site for use by internet TV owners. Internet TVs allow owners to watch YouTube programming in their homes, better channel organization would in theory keep them watching YouTube longer, rather than navigating away to other sites.

The site will also pay close to $100 million for low-cost content to fill some of the channels. YouTube recently purchased Next New Networks, and created YouTube Next, an acquisition that was expected to bring more high-quality content to YouTube,

What do you think? Do any of you watch YouTube on your internet-connected TVs. Would you watch more if the site was organized into TV-like channels?

Emily Price

Emily has been obsessed with computers since the early 80s when she discovered she could play Ghostbusters on her father's Commodore 64. She...