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Next iPod Nano May Feature a Camera (video)

The iPod Nano doesn’t usually get a whole lot of love in the way of rumors, but when you keep an incredibly small form factor and bring back the camera, it gets some attention. has apparently gotten a hold of a seventh generation iPod Nano case backing that shows a camera hole in the top corner.  While iPod Nanos have had a camera before, they were removed in the sixth generation of the diminutive music player that was released last Sept.

iPod Nano 2011 Rumor

It appears that the seventh generation iPod Nano would keep the same form factor as the sixth generation, and that the belt clip would be slightly repositioned to make room for the sensor. does have a good track record of breaking news on Apple products early, and this does look pretty darn legitimate.  However, this could always just be a prototype or concept that will never see full production.  Prior to the third generation of the iPod Touch being released there was a lot of evidence that it would contain a camera, but that did not appear until the fourth generation of the device.  Considering we’re still five months away from the traditional Apple music event, we’ll have to see how this plays out.

What do you think?  Could Apple be adding a camera to the next iteration of the iPod Nano?

[via 9to5 Mac, source]

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