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Nintendo Building 12 Billion Yen R&D Center in Kyoto

by Joey Davidson | March 31, 2011March 31, 2011 9:00 am PDT

Japanese news source Nikkan has reported that Nintendo intends to break ground on their new research & development facility in Kyoto, Japan in 2012. The facility is set to house more than 1,500 workers, be seven stories in height and cost around 12 billion Yen to complete. 12 billion Yen, for perspective, is around $145 million USD.

For those that may be assuming that the new center is being constructed in an effort to leave Tokyo because of the recent disaster, dismiss that notion. Nintendo’s home is in one of Japan’s oldest capital cities, Kyoto. Their current central offices will be near the new ground for the upcoming research & development center, which is actually being built on the land from an old golf course.

The decision to design and build this massive new facility in an era of worldwide economic shrinkage confirms what many have already believed, Nintendo is doing very well financially. The Wii is far and away the most commercially successful system of this generation. The company also sported the most successful handheld ever with the Nintendo DS, and they’ve just released that console’s successor to, as they’re claiming, record setting sales.

This new facility will likely be the development come of the next, as Nintendo’s hoping, killer console. While the center is scheduled to be completed and staffed in 2013, don’t go assuming that development has been slowed until then. Nintendo’s likely hard at work on their next attempt at innovating the gaming space, again.

Like them or not, it’s hard to challenge the depth of Nintendo’s recent success.

[via Andriasang]

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