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80% of Batman: Arkham City will Happen on Gotham’s Streets

Rocksteady Games has said that 80% of Arkham City will happen on the streets of Gotham, while the remaining 20% will be indoors. PC Gamer cites PlayStation 3 Magazine as the source of the quote from the studio as Rocksteady admits to the technical challenge of this entry in their turn with the Batman license. The studio also claims that this title will sport more player freedom than the original. From Rocksteady:

Our objective was not to make a bigger game world just for the sake of it. We want to fill it with content, and there’s no better world than Batman’s universe to take inspiration from.

Because we’ve decided to make such a large world we had to bring in more artists, animators and so on. It’s been a pretty huge technical and creative undertaking for the team.

One of the best things about Arkham Asylum was that its environments felt consistently dynamic. The natural set up of the game was that each loony villain had sectioned off a portion of the island. As Bats made his way to each location, the environments shifted to suit the mood of their major combatant.

But with 80% of Arkham City‘s environments centered on the the city streets of Gotham, the potential for a more repetitive game increases. Rocksteady has already proven their mettle with the Caped Crusader’s properties, so I’m assuming this project will turn out just fine; but, the chance of a repetitive feel is now looming largely over my conscience.

That said, however, the change from island to city and asylum halls to streets shows that this studio is welcoming variety. They could have stuck to the halls and courtyards of Gotham’s variety of complexes and skyscrapers. Instead, they’re trying an entirely new location with what promises to deliver a completely different gameplay dynamic.

How will it all turn out? Will know this fall when Batman: Arkham City releases for the 360, PS3 and PC on October 18th.

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