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Nintendo 3DS Sets Sales Records, Support Call Rates Low

by Joey Davidson | March 30, 2011March 30, 2011 5:00 am PST

The good folks at Joystiq did some questioning and contacted Nintendo regarding some hardware and software issues that have been cropping up around the net since the launch of the 3DS. We ran a story on one yesterday as some users have been reporting system crashes via the brand new Black Screen of Death.

Nintendo responded to Joystiq’s concerns by both touting their system’s sales performance and the low amount of support they’ve had to give customers since the unit hit shelves. Here’s what Nintendo of America offered:

U.S. day-one sales numbers for Nintendo 3DS were the highest of any Nintendo hand-held system in our history. The number of calls and emails received by our customer support center is well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches, and there are no widespread issues. As always, people who have questions or comments about Nintendo 3DS or any Nintendo products can visit our support website at or call 800-255-3700.

Why yes, that does seem like the perfect opportunity to brag about sales records. Aside from the support message sent to Joystiq, Nintendo is reporting that their new hardware has set a US record for first day portable game console sales. The company has not given any solid numbers yet, but they have said that they are planning a full release next week. We expect that to be waiting for us in our inbox around 8AM EST on Monday, as is typical with Nintendo’s press releases.

Still, it’s great to see that The Big N is receiving lighter than expected call volume at their support center. Most technologies launch with a few minor snafus, and it’s up to the internet to jump all over them like white on rice. If that hype was to be believed, we’d all think every piece of tech released was loaded with bugs and crashes.

[via Joystiq]

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