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Google Fiber Coming to Kansas City, Kansas

by Sean P. Aune | March 30, 2011March 30, 2011 3:00 pm PDT

Google FiberGoogle has announced the winning city for its Google Fiber project.  After a lengthy search, and over a thousand communities applying for the privilege, including mine, Kansas City, Kansas is the lucky municipality to receive the 1 Gbps fiber network.

Back in Feb. 2010, Google announced that it was looking for some place to launch an experimental fiber network that would bring speeds of 1 Gbps to homes, businesses and schools.  Local officials were urged to fill out applications and submit their towns for consideration for the project.  It’s unclear just how far Google thought towns would go to win their attention, but when Topeka, Kansas renamed itself Google, Kansas briefly, you knew towns were serious about getting the search giant’s attention.

“In selecting a city, our goal was to find a location where we could build efficiently, make an impact on the community and develop relationships with local government and community organizations,” Google said in a statement. “We’ve found this in Kansas City. We’ll be working closely with local organizations including the Kauffman Foundation, KCNext and the University of Kansas Medical Center to help develop the gigabit applications of the future.”  What exactly Gigabit powered applications could be is a mystery, but it certainly sounds exciting.

Google does hint that there is a possibility of more communities down the road receiving this ultra-fast fiber network, but there is no clue as to when exactly that might happen.  Considering that Kansas City is due to rollout some time in 2012, we highly doubt it would be before then.

Congratulations to Kansas City, Kansas!  Now, let the rampant jealousy begin!

Sean P. Aune

Sean P. Aune has been a professional technology blogger since July 2007, but his love of tech dates back to at least 1976 when his parents bought...