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Google +1: Google’s Take On the Facebook Like Button

Google has announced that it’s getting into the social sharing button game with a new service called “+1”.  The new button is currently only available as a “Google Experiment“, meaning you have to opt-in to using it, but it’s sure to roll out to all Google users in the not too distant future.

For now the service only appears next to search results as you bring them up in Google.  By clicking on the +1 button you are adding your stamp of approval to that site which will let people know that you approve of it.  Once you do click on it, you will be asked to confirm your vote of confidence.

Google +1 confirm

Once you’ve started adding +1s in search results, you will also find a feed in your Google profile (you must have one to use this at this point) showing all of the things you’ve voted for around the web.

Google +1 profile feed

While this is currently only available on search results, the eventual plan is to roll this out to site publishers also so that it can be integrated into blogs and the such. While sites are already loaded down with Twitter ReTweet and Facebook Like buttons, there will be a strong motivation for sites to add +1 as it will have an impact on your search rankings. The more votes you get, the better you could place in the all important Google search results.

Google has tried many times to jump into the social landscape, and all of those attempts have been pretty much dead on arrival.  With this one impacting your search results standing, it’s fairly easy to see that this one has probably the best shot at success out of all of them.

What do you think?  Will you be clicking the +1 buttons to give your seal of approval to sites you like?  Will you be putting it on your site?

Sean P. Aune

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