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Portal 2 Trailer Shows Off New Level Dangers (Video)

Valve has released another Portal 2 trailer done up in the fashion of Aperture Science advertising. Aperture, of course, is the company that’s been housing the Portal test subjects and the source of the wonderful portal gun and goo. It’s a marvelous facility that doesn’t remind us of Black Mesa from Half-Life … at all.

That voice you’re hearing is the CEO of Aperture Science. Moreover, the CEO of Aperture Science is played by J.K. Simmons, one of the funniest actors living today. You probably know him best for his role as J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man flicks. Rewatch the Portal 2 trailer above, now picture that same man screaming something about Parker and pictures. There it is.

Portal 2 is fast becoming one of the most hotly anticipated titles arriving this year. Valve has done one hell of a job marketing the title with convention presence, physical advertisements and clips like the one featured in this post. The originality of the game, the humor within it and the sheer brilliance of the mechanics it presents are all bonafide winning ingredients.

Portal 2 ships for the PC, Mac, PS3 and 360 on April 19th. That’s less than a month away. If you can’t contain your excitement, just know that we understand.

Joey Davidson

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